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Candle Night message 2014, from Anja Light

June 25, 2014


My dear Sloth family,

It’s solstice -it’s candlelight and I’m thinking of you all!

Though it should be the depth of winter for us, here in Australia it is a very warm day with a clear blue sky -the kids have already been out in the surf – so beautiful.

Yet we carry the sense that things are out of balance….In the chaos of this climate meltdown, this nuclear madness, these unprecedented extinctions, this political nightmare, we try to reach our core, the peace, the stillness – to help us move.

Thank-you for spreading the joy, the kindness, the gentle, slow, loving way. Even if our efforts are futile – being alive like this, in this moment…could it be enough?

Sending love and hope on Candlenight…

Anja Light
slow small simple

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