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Please join the Million Mothers against no nukes!

April 15, 2014

An Urgent Message from The Million Mothers

Dear people of the world, please lend us a hand.

Right now, our Japanese government is rushing to restart 10 of the idled nuclear power reactors by summertime.

It has been 3 years since the Daiichi Nuclear plant meltdown in Fukushima. Since that meltdown, all of the 54 existing nuclear power plants in Japan have been shut down. During those three years, we have carried on. We have found enough electricity from other sources. We have proved to the world, and to ourselves, that we have do not need to take the huge risk of nuclear power, an energy sustained at the cost of many lives – from its beginnings in unsafe uranium mining to consequences at the nuclear plant operation.

3 years have passed since 3.11, but the disaster is still far from over.
Residents of the Fukushima area, including children and workers at the nuclear plant, are still being exposed to radiation.


The global standard for maximum permissible annual radiation exposure is 1 mSv (milli-sievert). However, after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, the Japanese government raised the annual radiation exposure limit to 20 mSv. This applies even to pregnant women and infants.

Now children in and around Fukushima are beginning to show health abnormalities. Paediatric thyroid cancer is being found, with an incidence of 100 times higher than normal. Other cancers and many health problems are being reported. But our government just keeps saying these are “unrelated to radiation”. How can they say such a thing? The cancer numbers today are 5 times worse than the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in the 1980s.

Why doesn’t our government protect the health of its citizens by letting residents of seriously contaminated areas evacuate or bringing the radiation exposure limit back to 1 mSv/year?
The biggest reason is money. The government is unwilling to pay for evacuation or compensation.

Contamination continues to spread out, and the problem is not just contained within Fukushima or Japan. An immeasurable amount of contaminated water is leaking into the groundwater and the ocean.
This disaster is also not limited to those alive today: nuclear waste produced will last over 100 000 years! How can one generation alone decide to burden all the future with a poisonous legacy?

Dear people of the world, please lend us a hand with this.


To protect lives, to protect children, we cannot restart the idled nuclear plants.

We cannot protect our children, or our lives, without a world-wide appeal. To protect the future, we have stood up as the Million Mothers. We invite you to join us. Help us to build a global movement.
From wherever you are, please raise your voice against the restarting of the nuclear plants in Japan. Please appeal to the Japanese government to bring the annual radiation exposure limit back to the international standard of 1 mSv. Please tell our government that for the sake of the world, we cannot restart the nuclear power plants in Japan, a place with such a high number of earthquakes.

Dear people in the world, please, lend us a hand.

The Million Mothers

*”The Million Mothers” is a network of people, of all age and gender, who share a “motherly concern” to protect and treasure the lives of children.
Anyone is welcome to join us.

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