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Vandana Shiva in “Embracing the Seed of Life”

July 23, 2014

“Embracing the Seed of Life”, a new DVD from the Sloth Club is now available. This is a fourth in the “Wisdom of Asia” series, which was started in 2009 led by a cultural Anthropologist Shinichi Tsuji and a great ecological mind of the present time, Satish Kumar. Vandana Shiva, a scientist, an environmental activist, and a first woman to appear in the series, shares her thoughts with us.

Travel with Vandana Shiva in India, from New Delhi to her hometown of Dehradun, visit with her the Navdanya Farm where people gather to learn, and listen to what she has to say about “TPP”, “Genetically Modified Organisms”, and “Future of Seeds”. Also, learn about “free economy” guided by the Indian traditional cosmology, and perhaps ask yourself, “what is the joy of life?”

Vandana Shiva who has always been with farmers shows us where hope for humanity may be found.

English version is also available. Please contact the Sloth Club at for more information.

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