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The Sloth Club celebrates 15th anniversary

November 16, 2014

The Sloth Club, a Japanese environmental NGO, has been promoting the concept of “Slow” as a prescription against the ever accelerating “Fast” world for 15 years.

Over this 15-year period, the Sloth developed relationships with leaders of various movements in the world, and it is worthwhile to hear what these friends of Sloth had to say on this celebratory moment.  Their words are not just “congratulations” to the Sloth but messages to all of us trying to build a better world.

●Satish Kumar (Founder of the Schumacher College)

“The vision and ideal behind the Sloth Club is of great relevance to our time when speed is the curse of modern life and has become the obsession of industrial societies. As a result of this obsession our quality of life is diminished, in order to live with joy, we need to slow down…slow work, slow food, slow architecture, slow learning and slow living should be the ideal. Slow is truly beautiful and I congratulate the Sloth Club for flying the flag of slowness.”

●Helena Norberg-Hodge (Leading figure in the localization movement)

helena“I am honored and thrilled to be asked to send a message of support for your wonderful work.

To me the shift we need to make is fundamentally about slowing down and scaling down, or what I call ‘going Local’.

It is so important to hold a clear vision of the world we want, and to present practical examples to demonstrate how vital both human scale and human pace are for our own personal well being and the well being of the planet. And the Sloth Club has been doing just that in such a positive and heartwarming way over all these years.”

●Sulak Sivaraksa (Leader in Engaged Buddhism Movement)


“In spirit we celebrate together with you our shared journey of exploration, practice and commitment to a more simple and happy way of life, together with a vast web of communities of good friends across the globe.

Through your spirit of curiosity, we have shared and learnt together during your visits to Siam over the years; exploring diverse indigenous and intentional approaches and models of sustainable living, alongside inner exploration, developing critical self-awareness and compassion as the foundation for bringing alive ….

We hope we can continue this dialogue and shared journey of learning into the future. Keep on planting and growing!”

●Severn Suzuki (Renowned Canadian environmental activist)



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