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“Buy Nothing Day” Is Coming Up: Nov. 27 Sat.

November 23, 2010

When you stop and think about it, is there any day that you don’t buy anything?  Buying something everyday, isn’t that something?

In “Tadashii Kurashikata Dokuhon (A Guide to Living Right Way)”, a picture book by Taro Gomi (one of the most popular picture book authors in Japan), a girl goes to a stationary store and thinks, “It looks good, but it’s too expensive; I don’t need it”, “I can borrow this from Mom; I don’t need it”, “I’m sure I can find something like this at home; I don’t need it”, “I can make this myself; I don’t need it”, etc., etc.  Then, she finally buys the thing she really needs (and you can’t tell exactly what she bought from the picture for its vague depiction!).

What if we were all more thoughtful about our shopping like this girl?  “Buy Nothing Day (BND)” is a good opportunity to ponder about the meaning of our buying habits and their impacts.  The BND in Japan is coming up on Nov. 27, and you can learn more about it from BND Japan Network.

On the following day (Nov. 28), if you are in Tokyo, you can visit “Tomobiki Enichi (Friendly Relationship Market) held at “Sakurai” (a Japanese traditional house used as an event space) to find hand made crafts, fair trade goods, organic vegetable, etc., not just to resume your buying but to take your thought further into its meaning.


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