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What is Slow Business?

January 18, 2010

What is Slow Business?
By Megumu Ogata & Nina Fallenbaum

What kind of business do you imagine comes from “Slow business”?

It seems that the words of this new concept are apparently incompatible.

But what is “business” indeed? Business is an important element of “Economy” which must have originally been thought as the system to govern a society and to save people from hardship. Furthermore, it must have been regarded as a system to bring peace in the world and happiness for people.

Looking at most businesses at present, however, they tend to pursue only self profit for their own society and the country without considering future generations. As a result, environmental degradation is rampant and the gap between the rich and the poor have increased. In addition, violence is everywhere.

In a world like this, treated like a monopoly and where unlimited desires are the fundamental problems and these thoughts are so influential to create a world of “the stronger prey upon the weaker”. The more this kind of world expands, the more we wish not to be the “weaker”. In this way, competition increases and we see more and more “fast businesses.” What can we do to change this social situation and get back to the original economy?

We think that one of the important key words must be “share” which is the opposite of “monopoly.” The majority of people of the world wish to stop further environmental deterioration, wars, and any means of military attacks. They wish to reconsider the society which does not respect people’s lives. How can we make use of such wishes?

In order to shift from an endless “greedy society” to “sharing society,” we think that it is important to increase the number of businesses that respect the environment and human lives.


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