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Yukkuri Mura

August 4, 2009

YukkuriMuraEstablished in March 2006
c/o Cafe Kurikindi
5251-3 Aka-mura, Ooaza Aka, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka
Please contact Mr. Goto either in Japanese or English

Eating fresh and tasty foods everyday, talking with friends, working hard to grow vegetables, making crafts, playing music, learning and growing together and sleeping well. It would be nice to have such a place. Instead of getting absorbed in problems, let’s just live the answer.

With such ideas and dreams, we started the Yukkuri-mura (“Take Your Time Village”) project in Aka-mura, Fukuoka, as a joint project between Slow Business Company and Wind Farm.

IMG_1625In modern Japanese society, many people are exhausted from scrambling to compete with each other, and have lost sight of the joy and hope of life. We would like to create a model to show that another way of living and working is possible. We hope that people will be surprised and convinced by what they see at Yukkuri-mura.

We are trying to create a community where people can live happily by supporting each other, learning and playing, having decent self-sufficiency of energy and food, and practicing slow business without being obsessed by money.

We focus our attention on what’s here instead of trying to bring what Aka-mura doesn’t have. We believe that farming villages are reservoirs of learning and playing. There are many types of bamboo growing in Aka-mura. Bamboo is very strong plant and unless we harvest bamboo shoots occasionally and take care of the forest, it can overwhelm other vegetation. So, to make use of our local bamboo, we make bamboo charcoal. We also have been learning about local mushrooms and their relationship with the local ecosystem from neighborhood people. There is still much learn from the land here in Yukkuri-mura.

Yukkuri-mura accepts WWOOFers, or “willing workers on organic farms.” This is an international program that accepts volunteer work in exchange for accommodation and meals. In May 2006, Windfarm opened Cafe Kurikindi in Aka-mura. The cafe serves organic coffee, a lunch plate with fresh organic ingredients, and various fair trade products. It also organizes and hosts live music events and workshops. WWOOFers may work in the cafe or farm, and as of 2009, more than 10 people have joined Yukkuri-mura as temporary WWOOFers. All are welcome!


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