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August 4, 2009

Yukkuri-dou Co. Ltd.
Established in February 2003

3-2-13 Takahshi Building 201 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Yukkuri-dou is the third company established by members of the Sloth Club.  Yukkuri-dou means “Slow Road Publishing.” We are a publishing and editing company of books and magazines that nurture slow culture.  We would like to promote a beautiful, fun, and peaceful lifestyle by  distributing information from the grassroots.  We hope to take care of the connection between people, and people and nature.

We practice the lifestyle advocated by the Sloth Club, one that combines the environmental movement, academics, and business.  Some of our titles include:

Slow Business
By Tsuji Shinichi and Nakamura Ryuichi

Peace, Slow, and Candles
Edited by Tsuji Shinichi


Buddha Flying in the Sky
By Masaki Takashi

I’m Just Doing What I Can Do: How to Cool Down the Earth
Edited by Tsuji Shinichi

Severn Suzuki’s “What I Can Do: Making and Saving the Forests”
Edited by Tsuji Shinichi

Yukkuri Notes Series
(a series of interview with luminaries from Japan and around the world)

Slow Food. It’s About Time! (Interviews with Shimamura Natsu)
Slow Technology Revolution (Interviews with Fujimura Yasuyuki)
Linking Peace and Ecology (Interviews with Douglas Lummis)
Living Slowly at Bethel House (Interviews with Mukaiyachi Ikuyoshi)
Going Local is the Answer (Interviews with Helena Norberg-Hodge)



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