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Tennen Jutaku

August 4, 2009

General Incorporated Association Tennen Jutaku (“Natural Housing Ltd.”)
Established in march 2008

Tennen Jutaku1-10-18 Nakane, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0031

We are a green contractor that coordinates with families, builders, and suppliers to create truly comfortable houses, built with artisan skill and genuine Japanese timber instead of chipboard or bonded wood.  From a basic template, we adjust to the needs of future residents and work only with contractors that can meet our exacting standards for everything from materials to techniques.  By doing this, we believe we can save the forests of the world, end “sick-house syndrome,” and build long-lasting local economies based on local expertise and local resources.  We aim to make a revolution in the Japanese housing market!

Dedication to using Japan-grown solid wood is dedication to the environment and local economies.

Among the many principles we incorporate when working with a client on a house, the most important one is using domestic lumber.  Through this approach, we aim to help revive Japanese mountains and forest areas that have been neglected and abandoned, as we as contribute to solving global warming.

Today, almost 80% of the timber used for Japanese housing is from overseas.  In order to transport so much timber, a huge amount of energy is consumed and excess CO2 is emitted, leading to the acceleration of global warming.  It also leads to unnecessary forest destruction in foreign countries.

TJModelHouseWith this in mind, we at Tennen Jutaku are committed to building houses using domestic resources paired with artisan techniques like tekizami.  Tekizami is a wood-cutting and joinery technique which requires extensive knowledge of the characteristics of various lumbers, including strength, flexibility, and dryness/moisture.  Techniques like this maximize the beauty and strength of traditional Japanese hardwoods.  Labor costs may be more expensive in Japan, but this is due to the long tradition of careful harvesting and forest maintenance.  We hope to support the struggling Japanese logging industry and thereby inherit the traditional techniques  and diverse cultural practices of local areas.

Tennen Jutaku builds structures that connect people and the environment, land and tradition.


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