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August 4, 2009

SLOW Co. Ltd. (coffee importers and roasters)
Established in July 2000

DSCF106124 Keiyo Ryutsu Centre 6-2,
Matsudo Niiden, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-2241

We are the first company established by the members of the sloth club. Every year, we donate 1% of our profits to the Sloth Club.

We roast organic and fair-traded coffee from Brazil and Ecuador and distribute to cafes and organic and whole food shops throughout Japan.

We believe that Slow Business can help  solve various problems in our society.  For example, the environment in coffee producing regions is destroyed due to overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Producers not only suffered from chemical exposure but are also put in a difficult situation by not being  paid a fair price for their products.  Our fair trade policy supports an environment where producers can work safely and grow high quality coffee.  By insisting on 100% organic coffee we are helping to protect the natural environment, as well as producers’ and consumers’ health.

DSCF2707In Japan, the number of chain-store, corporate cafes has been growing and more and more, steadily driving Japanese style cafes, or kissaten, out of business.  As big chains come to dominate the cafe industry, the coffee they serve will become just another mass-produced item and the taste of coffee will be the same everywhere.  By roasting coffee at our own factory in Chiba, we would like to help preserve Japanese artisan skill.

We encourage people to carry reusable mugs and tumblers, which we call in Japanese “my mug” and “my tumbler.”  By doing so you don’t waste resources and can enjoy fair trade and organic coffee anytime and anywhere.


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