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Slow Design Research Group

August 4, 2009

established in 2001

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Slow Design Research Group is a design consortium led by architect Goichi Oiwa.  Mainly focused on the promotion of straw-bale housing in Japan, we seek to bring back the connection between people, nature, and their local areas.  Our designs are based on local materials and artisan knowledge, with the goal of creating lasting structures that are nonpolluting and which help people reconsider their relationship with their living environments.  We also organize participatory workshops on straw-bale interiors and exteriors.

SlowDesignRG_MrOiwaWhy slow? We aim to critique the modern housing industry which is based on efficiency and profitability, which can also be called “fast design.”  At this time of great ecological shift from fossil fuels to the era of Peak Oil, fast design is not longer viable.  Especially in Japan, construction, home-building, and real estate industries have been at the heart of the fossil fuel “fast economy.”  In our opinion, this qualifies as bad design.  Without changing this fundamental situation, Japan will never be able to shift its economy and ecology.  That is why we propose Slow Design.


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