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Slow Business Company

August 4, 2009

Slow Business Company Corp.
Established in January 2006

3-7-16 Shimoni Nishi, Mizumaki-cho,
Onga-gun, Fukuoka
We are an educational and business development group that seeks to expand the idea of “Slow Business” in Japan and worldwide.

Here are a few of our current projects:

-Organizing and running an online shop called “Zen” that introduces fair trade products and products created by Slow Business School students and graduates. The idea is to support the creation, sales, and consumption of products that are fair and beneficial to all parties involved, and to society.
-Developing an experimental community called “Yukkuri-Mura” where people live in affluence and with joy by learning local wisdom and practicing a “half-agriculture, half-something else” (han-nou han-x) lifestyle.
-Organizing and running the Slow Business School to promote “Slow Business.” The Slow Business School is a place for people to put their social venture business ideas into practice.
-Operating alternative currency (denomination: the “zen”) to encourage mutual support among students of Slow Business School and to promote an alternative exchange of goods.

While each business project relates to each other organically, we also organize forums, workshops, and create and distribute educational products such as DVDs and books to familiarize people with the concept of Slow Business. We also support self-created projects from students of the Slow Business School and networking among other Slow entrepreneurs, business school graduates, and supporters.


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