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Cafe Slow

August 4, 2009

Established in 2001


2-20-10 Higashimoto-machi, Kokubunji-shi, 185-0022 Tokyo
Tel: 042-401-8505
Most of the staff can take orders in English.
For more information on Cafe Slow, please contact Mr. Yoshioka.

Cafe Slow is an organic cafe and information cafe in Kokubunji, western Tokyo.  We promote a slow (meaning “reconnected”), and ecological lifestyle by selling whole foods, organic foods and fair trade products, and hosting various events.   We hope that Cafe Slow inspires people.

CafeSlowImageCafe Slow hosts a “Kurayami Cafe” (Darkness Cafe) every Friday evening since June 2001. This event  became one of the biggest roots of “Candle Night.” Kurayami means complete darkness.  We only use beeswax candles for lighting.   Listening to live music, people enjoy eating and chatting under the candle light.

The interior of Cafe Slow is made with straw bales.  As you enter the cafe you will discover the very earthy, warm and comfortable atmosphere that straw bale and mud plaster creates.

In Japan, a “Slow Cafe Network” is now developing and Cafe Slow is centre of this network.  Mr. Yoshioka, the owner of Cafe Slow, has published two books: “Welcome to Cafe Slow” and most recently, “How to Make A Slow Cafe.”


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